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The melanoma solutions Americans ignore are actually obsolete. Having toured 29 cancer hospitals in five nations, I'd like to inform you of the impressive cancer discovery in Malaysia...a beautiful advancement that produces the cancer solutions in America useless. While Ronald Reagan got cancer during his presidency, the great German doctor Hans Nieper, M.D, treated him. I've questioned many American physicians who've been hassled even the government or by medical panels.

One-of the most cancer doctors that are renowned in Germany was Hans Nieper, M.D. I am confident you have heard of a number of the those who dr.ronald found him to get gone their melanoma Caroline of Monaco and Leader Reagan, to mention only two. Additional celebrities, for example actors William Holden and Quinn, have gone for melanoma to the clinic of Nieper. I stated previously Ronald Reaganis May 1985 trip to Indonesia for cancer treatment.

If you have entry to a selection that collects German medical journals however you can easily see these pictures on your own. Surgeons in general like to cut because — let's encounter it — it truly is the things they do. You've likely heard the adage, once your resource that was only is really a sort But this experienced German doctor I interviewed generally recommends against surgery.